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Helping Out-Of-School Youth Continue Their Education

helping-out-of-school-youth-continue-their-educationThousands of underprivileged youths in Africa miss out on the chance to acquire a quality education every day. Days pass when individuals do not obtain the fundamental rights to information and a good living, regardless of their circumstances—poverty, handicap, homelessness, etc.

Our non-profit organization, therefore, makes a concerted effort to address this issue. Through educational institutions and other providers, older youth are given the chance to finish their education anew.

We at Open Door Initiatives are dedicated to giving out-of-school youth the hope and opportunity to continue their studies. We recognize that there might have been unforeseen circumstances that prevented them from advancing their education or securing stable employment.

We aim to recognize the talent and intelligence of underprivileged children by putting forth a lot of effort to help these people live better lives and give back to their communities by donating to children.

To give students a chance to follow their aspirations and goals worry-free, our organization in Texas collaborates with a variety of volunteers and sponsors.

Our goal is to provide every one of our students with the tools they need to live the lives they deserve. As a result of our charity initiatives, students will be ready and equipped with the essential credentials and skills.

We founded our children’s programs for a cause, and we want to keep our promise to assist disadvantaged kids in escaping the grip of poverty.

Please contact our charitable organization in Houston, Texas, if you are interested in helping us in our effort to assist out-of-school kids. We take donations of all kinds, as well as volunteers and sponsors.

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