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A Chance to Help and Change Lives

a-chance-to-help-and-change-livesIt’s important for you to know that some parts of the world are not as lucky and blessed as we are here in America. In some parts of the world, basic human rights, such as food, water, shelter, and education are hard to attain.

As such, it is the mission of our charity organization to help our underprivileged brothers and sisters grasp basic human rights and live life according to their means. At Open Door Initiatives, we make sure children all over the world get the proper education and medical support they need.

Our non-profit organization aims to cater to major issues that underprivileged children face:

  • No education support from the government
  • High rates for educational materials and school fees
  • Lack of education and knowledge due to the aforementioned problems

School fees in Africa today are still too high for many families to afford. Many children in Africa are not getting the education they need. One out of five children between the ages of five and 15 are out of school in Africa.

Let us do our best to top this problem once and for all. Through small steps we can make big changes to help African children get the basic human rights they deserve. Through education, our organization in Texas aims to help kids in Africa build self-love and confidence, which enables them to develop new ideas, learn about their surroundings, have jobs, and instill peace within the community.

Please help us attain these goals. Our charitable organization in Houston, Texas, needs your help. You may donate or volunteer for our cause by reaching us at

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