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Here's how your donations impact African children

Faith Ezenna, Nigeria

“Without ODI I don’t know if I would be able to go to School. Me and my Family are very excited and happy. I got everything I need to be able to go to school every year since 2021.”

Ebele Nwaocha, Nigeria

“My heart is full of joy, my mother cried with joy when the principal called my parent that ODI want to pay my school fees and buy all my supplies for me to go to school till I finish my secondary school. I and my family are very grateful for this opportunity and I promise to be focused on my education.”

Vincent Ekwe, Nigeria

“My parents have given up on me going to school. I have already joined my father in his farming, I always feel very sad on my way to the farm with my father and I see other children going to School, some of them even laugh at me for going to farm. My dream came when the principal came to our house and tell us the good news that we will be going to school and ODI will provide my school fees and School supplies until I graduate from secondary School.”

Chikamso Vincent, Ghana

“I have been so happy since I went back to school. My mother said she never seen him happy like this before. I was able start School again after the pandemic and my parents was able to do that because of Open Door Initiatives, it changed my life and my family life. It gave me hope that I can get help and learn like every other kids. I am super happy and back to learning to pursue my dream of becoming an engineer.”

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